Car financing or bank loan

Vehicle finance or bank loan

Vehicle finance or bank loan

The car loan does not necessarily have to be a bank loan. There are several alternatives to bank credit. Car financing, via the car or house bank? Settlements (bank, loans, financing)

Hello, 1. I want to buy a vehicle, but I’m not sure yet how? In the lending business, have I ever talked about houses being more diligent than car dealers? to be. I understand that if you submit too many applications for credit, they will be published at school.

If the car company or the house bank offers you a zero-percent financing over five years with zero down payment, this will hardly be beaten. Quite different is the situation, if the house bank wants 5% interest, it is worthwhile to calculate here. If you have a loan from your house bank, you can pay the vehicle in cash and negotiate a discount, it is always worth a comparison calculation.

Who takes the car bank, will definitely not have so much space to negotiate a discount. It always depends on the valid offers. In some cases, the offers of the banks are cheaper, especially in less popular vehicle models, it may well be that the bank offers very good conditions for such a car.

Car financing and more: bank loan: auto financing and more

Car financing and more: bank loan: auto financing and more

In the Financial Services Group, Financial Services AG is as advanced as the Federal Republic of Germany. At that time, the company operated under the name ” Finanzgesellschaft mbH”. The Bank is now a full-service bank, which offers almost all financial services and above all a wide range of loans. Until the key date 2017, it belonged to ” Financial Services AG”, which also includes ” Leasing”.

Since 2017, Bankgesellschaft mbH has been a direct wholly owned subsidiary of AG, based in Braunschweig. Financial Services is distributed both via branches and via the Web. The company operates internationally. There are two different websites for everyone looking for the keyword ” Bank” on the net (as of January 2018).

On the Internet, you will find links to the various areas of the bank as a whole, including “loans and financing”. By clicking on the link, you get an overview of loans: installment loans, frame loans, mortgage lending, auto financing – these are the funds provided by the emergency organization. As a letter of credit protection, the residual debt insurance is called, apparently because they should protect the house bank from any failures.

From our point of view, the website of Bank was not particularly successful from the consumer’s point of view. Whether it is used cars, any purchase and renovation or holidays, the house bank makes no specifications for the use. Deadlines between twelve and 120 months can be set. For a loan amount of 6000 with a term of 84 months, the -Bank gives an average interest rate:

All details of the installment loan correspond to the status of January 2018. Advance payment penalties are available in the legal framework: one percentage point for a remaining term of more than twelve months. 0.5 percentage points for less than twelve months. For banking customers, a credit limit between € 2,500 and € 250,000 can be agreed.

The framework credit is only granted if the creditworthiness criteria adopted by the principal bank are met. From time to time, the National Bank may, under certain conditions, begin campaigns with favorable signs. Financial Services AG is taking over real estate financing and consulting. You can contact them at the branches, by phone, by e-mail or with an online mortgage inquiry.

Prerequisite is an existing permanent employment or pension from a domestic pension provider. Without credit bureau, Financial Services AG will not issue any bonds. A proof of income, such as payslip or pension notice, is necessary. About the payout period gives the line no time. No wonder that Financial Services AG offers all the possibilities of car financing.

The car loan line is a three-way financing with flexible down payments. After the deadline, the last installment can either be paid out of own funds or follow-up funded. For the three Road Financing Plans, the maturities are between 12 and 54 years. With regard to the interest rate, we have only found a reference to a commitment for the entire term.

Information about this is the car house. Deadlines of up to 72 months are possible. We have not provided any general interest rate information on the Bank website. General information about the actual annual interest rates for auto loans, we could not read on the website. In the Bank, loans are granted to the self-employed.

For this, the house bank gets a bonus. The installment loan business for car financing, which is offered under the product name KlassikCredit, is not necessarily the focus of the financial offers. The house bank would rather spend three types of financing or leasing contracts. We can not assess the three options for financing, as there is not enough information available on the SNB’s website about this loan option.