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In the Bundezs review you can find out about the installment loan for students and the self-employed. The following supplier rating deals in detail with the loan offer at Bundezs. As one of our partner banks, the Bundezs Bank can convince through test reports and experience.

The Bundezs credit experience & exam

The Bundezs credit experience & exam

Bundezs is an operation of the Bundezs-Banken-SPS. The Bundezs was founded more than 300 years ago and can therefore look back on a long tradition. Bundezs is based in the UK and is one of the largest financial institutions in the world. Bundezs was first issued in 1966 by the National Bank and was the first European card.

The Bundezs is in third place in Germany, in the UK the card is the market leader. Bundezs has eleven different cards and five different loan offers. The following supplier rating deals in detail with the loan offer at Bundezs. We look at what we have experienced.

So you can place your ratings and use your experience to help everyone else find the right loan offer. Bundezs is more than just a credit. In the following, we would like to take a closer look at the interest rates of the loans and the other conditions: The Bundezs Personal Loan: This loan is granted to employees, pensioners and civil servants.

Loan Interest

Loan Interest

The interest on personal loans depends on the credit rating, as with any other Bundezs loan. With this type of loan, amounts between EUR 1000 and EUR 50,000 can be claimed for an investment period of 12 to 84 months. Apart from interest costs, there are no additional costs for borrowers.

The Bundezs also grants an extended right of withdrawal, instead of the statutory two-week period, it is eight calendar weeks in which a borrower can refuse the loan after conclusion of the contract. Car Loan Bundezs: This loan is also intended for employees, civil servants and pensioners and was developed for the financing of motor vehicles, motorhomes or motorcycles.

This loan is equivalent in terms of credit limit, repayment term and interest rate with the personal loan. The Bundezs Professional Loan: This program is intended for freelance and freelance employees. A credit line of 1000 EUR to 50000 EUR and deadlines of 12 to 84 months are also valid here. Fix and Upgrade Credit: These are loans for Bundezs customers.

The fixed loan is primarily intended for credit card holders and pre-approved as the borrower is already a customer or customer. The upgrade loan will be used to increase an existing loan, and this loan has already been approved in advance. The interest rate for one of the loans depends on the creditworthiness, the type of loan and the individual needs of the borrower.

Bundezs offers you six different loans. If you are already a Bundezs customer, you can complete a pre-approved contract or extend the existing contract in a few stages. Bundezs’s experience has taught us that the financial service provider calculates credit-based interest rates on his own loans. The credit line of 1000 to 50000 EUR is the same for all loans and the term of 12 to 84 months also applies to all loan options.

What do you think about the interest rates at Bundezs? Would you recommend the credits of the provider with a clear conscience or rather take your hands off the credits? Customer service at Bundezs: What does the house bank offer? As part of our Bundezs experience, we’ve found that the bank offers a range of service hotlines to our clients and potential buyers.

If you would like to be informed about your account activity at any time, you can register with Bundezs’s online customer service – and all this with a mobile application. Knowledge and information at Bundezs: What about it? What offers do the insurance companies of Bundezs have? Money Back: Card Backup Plus: Extended Warranty: ATM Robbery Insurance: Bundezs has a lot to do.

The fact that Bundezs has a lot to offer in terms of customer care and service has been demonstrated by our Bundezs test. For example, there are nine different insurance offerings that offer protection in many areas of life. The online customer service enables account management and the frequently asked questions section gives you answers to many more information about Bundezs products.

Now it’s time for your personal Bundezs experience. As always. What are the prerequisites for applying to Bundezs? At Bundezs, the person applying for a loan must meet certain conditions. Bundezs offers loans to employees, retirees, civil servants, self-employed and freelancers. The application process at Bundezs?

There are two ways to apply: In the first variant, the Bundezs engineers go through the application step by step with the applicant. The documents are sent to the borrower after verification of the information and creditworthiness. The signed form and proof of income will then be returned to the house bank.

For new customers, a PostIdent procedure is required – a Post employee identifies his identity and sends the associated form along with the other documents to Bundezs. At Bundezs, the person applying for a loan must meet certain conditions. Our audit shows that Bundezs’s “usual” conditions apply to applicants.

Share your experience with Bundezs and rate the mobility of the provider. If you have already submitted a loan application to Bundezs, have everyone else stick to your view. Loan offers at Bundezs: installment and auto loans from an annual percentage of 2.75 percentage points and self-employed loans with a maximum annual percentage of 6.99 percentage points.

Loans up to an amount of EUR 3 55,000, – and comprehensive insurance. Bundezs is, as you already know, part of the English financial institution Bundezs Bank PLC. Let’s start with the experienced house bank behind the Bundezs. Bundezs’ history dates back to 1690.

It is noteworthy in this context that the British banking system was built by the goldsmiths, who began to keep the valuables of their clientele for a fee. Today, the long-established company operates in more than 50 countries, has 48 million regular customers and more than 145,000 employees.

In addition to the Bundezs, the following financial products are offered: What are the facts and information about the Bundezs? Bundezs was the first European card. In 1966, the year Bundezs first hit the market, more than 30,000 merchants and merchants accepted to pay with these credit cards.

Bundezs is now the UK’s credit card leader and one of the largest credit card issuers in the world. In addition to Germany, the company is currently present in nine other countries around the world. Bundezs is the third largest publisher in Germany with 1.3 million cardholders. Bundezs is the market leader in the credit card sector with a revolving credit function also in Germany.

Bundezs Loans – What Borrowers Can Request from Us? At Bundezs we have already dealt with the subject of credit card – now we come to the other division – the loan. At Bundezs there are, as already mentioned, five different credit options. Personal Loan: It is a installment loan with a range of EUR 1000 to EUR 50000.

The borrower can make a loan application both on the Internet and on the phone. The loan is intended for all private persons who are either employees, civil servants or retirees and have a duration of 12 to 84 years. Here also a sum of money of 1000 to 50000 EUR can be claimed and the terms correspond to those of a private loan.

Car loan: As the title suggests, this loan is the purchase of a car. Unlike many other car loans, the borrower can keep the vehicle registration of the vehicle and does not pass it on to the lender. Fix Credit: This arrangement is for Barclay customers who already have a card and have an individual fix credit offer.

This is a pre-approved loan that has no additional costs for the borrower. Upgrade Credit: This credit also applies to Bundezs customers. Thus, existing loans can be increased in a few stages. The Bundezs offers: With eleven different cards and for credit card variants. A variety of additional services for credit card holders and comprehensive insurance offers for borrowers.